PARKSIDE Metallic fence / garden glaze, 2.5 l, for wood, weather-resistant, UV-resistant Consumption: approx. 100 ml / m² Contents: approx. 2.5 l Color: graphite gray / sand gray / olive gray / classic gray

PARKSIDE® Metallic fence / garden glaze, 2.5 l, for wood, weather-resistant, UV-resistant 1


Does not splash, does not drip – also ideal for overhead work
Wood finishing with metallic pigments
Suitable for many types of wood
Trendy color accents in a metallic look
For outside and inside
Areas of application inside: For cladding and profiled wood.
Areas of application outside: For external cladding, wooden houses, roof cladding, garden houses, carports, pergolas, half-timbering and for renovating existing glaze coatings. Wherever the best weather protection and a hard-wearing surface are desired.
Weather & UV resistant
Consumption: approx. 100 ml / m² with one coat, undiluted.
Colors: graphite gray, sand gray, olive gray, classic gray

Processing tips

Wood on the outside: Wood in the outside area should be primed with a wood preservative to protect against blue stain and rot (use wood preservative carefully. Always read the label and product information before use).
Wood inside: Treat wood indoors without wood protection primer with the metallic fence and garden glaze. The wood must be clean, dry and stable.
Peeling old coats and grayed wood should be sanded down to the healthy wood. Scrape out resin spots and clean with Universal Thinner. Stir well and apply quickly in the direction of the grain.
After complete drying, apply the 2nd coat.
Repair wood damage beforehand.
A test coat is recommended.
Outside, the wood must be protected against rain for about 4 hours after painting.
Do not process in direct sunlight and below 5 ° C or above 25 ° C.
Permissible wood moisture: conifers max. 15%, hardwoods max. 12%. Storage and transport frost-free.
Not suitable for processing with spray guns.
Wood glaze with aluminum pigments
Bucket approx. Ø 15.9 x H 16.8 cm
2.5 liters

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