PARKSIDE cordless pressure washer PDRA 20-Li A1, 6 spray types, without battery and charger From our “PARKSIDE X 20 V Team” series Optimal suction height: approx. 1.5 m suction height: max. 3 m pressure: max. 22 bar

PARKSIDE® cordless pressure washer »PDRA 20-Li A1«, 6 spray types, without battery and charger 1

Cordless pressure washer with self-priming function
Light and mobile – ideal for areas without water or electricity connections
Self-priming function for using alternative water sources such as rain barrels or cisterns
For cleaning around the house and garden or for watering plants
Spray lance with practical multi-function nozzle for 6 adjustable spray types
Also suitable for use with detergents, including nozzle with detergent container
For cleaning with gentle but efficient medium pressure (max. 22 bar)
6 m suction hose with filter basket
Ergonomic pistol grip with locking switch and non-slip soft grip
Device compatible with all batteries of the “PARKSIDE X 20 V Team” series
Delivery without battery and charger

You can order the right battery and charger here.

Included accessories: 1 spray lance with multi-function nozzle, 1 nozzle with detergent container (approx. 400 ml), 6 m suction hose with filter basket, 1 bottle of detergent (500 ml), 1 carrying net
Parkside cordless pressure washer without battery
All compatible devices of our 20 volt series can be found here:

Technical specifications
555 engine
IC in the device housing
Optimal suction height: approx.1.5 m
Max. Suction height: approx. 3 m
Max. Pressure: 22 bar
Flow rate: approx. 2 l / min
Housing: polyamide 6 (PA6 + GF30)
Device with spray lance: approx. 935 x 217 x 72 mm
Device without spray lance: approx. 451 x 217 x 72 mm
Suction hose with connections: approx.6.07 m
Mesh bag: approx. 44 x 24 cm
Basic device without accessories: approx. 1029 g
Spray lance: approx. 134 g
Suction hose including connection, float and filter: approx. 438 g
Mesh bag: approx.13.5 g
Detergent nozzle with container: approx. 105 g
Detergent bottle (with content): approx. 555 g

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