Crivit Foot Pump

Crivit Bicycle Bike Floor Air Pump With Gauge in B9 Birmingham for ...


IAN: 298839

Foot Pump
Package contents: (A1 / A2)
1 x floor pump
1 x metal adapter for balls,
2 x plastic adapters for air mattresses, inflatable
toys, etc.
1 x instruction manual
Technical data:
Type: Floor Pump
IAN 298839_1904
Item-/Monz-No: 26235
Project: PO30000497
Nominal pressure: 7 bar / 100 PSI
Maximum allowable pressure: 8 bar / 116 PSI
Displacement: 370 ml / 370 cm³
Pressure hose length: 100 cm
Production date: 2019
Warranty: 3 year

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