PARKSIDE lathe PDB 100 A1, 400 watts, 4-stage pulley gear Connected load: 400 watts workpiece length: max. 100 cm speed levels : 890/1260/1760/2600 rpm For processing wooden workpieces 4-stage pulley gear

For processing wooden workpieces
Powerful 400 watt motor with 4-stage pulley gear
Robust metal guide rail – suitable for workbench assembly (including assembly material)
Headstock with M18 connection thread for receiving the face plate and the 4-point center punch (included in the accessories)
Tailstock with quick locking lever and moving spindle tip
Incl. 2 wood chisels for woodworking
Gearbox with inspection window to control the speed level
Tool support with quick locking lever and adjustable support surface
Included accessories: 2 wood chisels (hollow / straight), 1 face plate, 4-point center punch, 1 Allen key, 2 open-end wrenches, fastening material for workbench assembly
Parkside crosscut and miter saw
Technical specifications

Connected load: 400 W.
Speed ​​levels: 890/1260/1760/2600 min⁻¹
Max. Workpiece diameter: 35 cm
Power cord length: 4 m
Max. Workpiece length: 100 cm
Sheet steel, tubular steel

Device: approx. 1397 x 245 x 398 mm
Allen key: approx. L 85 mm
Key for center point mounting: approx. 236 mm each
Face plate diameter: approx. 144 mm
Tailstock: approx. L 254 mm
Tool support support length: approx. 300 mm

Device + accessories: approx.20.5 kg
Allen key: approx.25.7 g
Key for center point assembly: approx. 110 g each
Faceplate: approx. 777 g
Tailstock: approx. 2115 g
Tool rest: approx. 2009 g

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