PARKSIDE belt sander Dragster PBSD 600 A1 Power: 600 W Belt speed: 170 – 250 m / min. Grinding area: 75 x 140 mm Optimal belt run through manual fine adjustment. Connection to external dust extraction. Multi-adjustable hand bracket

PARKSIDE® Belt Sander Dragster PBSD 600 A1 1

Parkside® belt sander »PBSD 600 A1«

Infinitely adjustable belt speed
Slim front roller for sanding close to the edge
Foldable front cover for sanding in hard-to-reach places
Easy sanding belt change through tool-free clamping system
Optimal belt run through manual fine adjustment
Integrated suction function with removable dust box
Connection for external dust extraction
Ergonomic handles suitable for right and left-handers
Multiple adjustable handle
Anti-slip soft grip equipment
Continuous operation caps lock
Can also be used stationary
For standard sanding belts 75 x 457 mm (e.g. Parkside PBSZ 457 A1)
Accessories included:
1 dust box
1 adapter with reducer for external dust extraction
2 screw clamps
1 sanding belt (80 grit)
Technical specifications

Rated consumption: 600 W
Sanding area: 75 x 140 mm
Idle belt speed: 170 – 250 m / min
Band dimensions: 75 x 457 mm
Cable length: 4 m

Plastic housing: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30)
Cover + additional handle: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30)
Handle: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Stator winding: aluminum

Belt sander: approx. 324 x 150 x 148 mm
Brackets (2 pieces): each approx. 88.5 x 76 x 20 mm
Extraction adapter: approx. Ø 39 x Ø 35 x 42 mm
Reducer: approx. 35 x 37 x 32 mm

approx. 2.65 kg

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