PARKSIDE electric leaf blower / blower »PLS 3000 A1 Limited Edition«, 3000 watts Speed: max. 15000 rpm suction volume: max. 14 m³ / min collection bag volume: approx. 55 l 3-in-1: powerful fan, efficient vacuum cleaner and integrated chopping function

PARKSIDE electric leaf vacuum and blower “PLS 3000 A1 Limited Edition” with shoulder strap
Powerful 3000 watt motor with speed regulation
3-in-1: powerful fan, efficient vacuum cleaner and integrated chopping function
Easy leaf pick-up thanks to the large inlet and high suction volume of up to 14 m³ / min
Infinitely variable speed for air speeds up to 320 km / h
Particularly effective chopping system with metal knives to reduce the volume of leaves (up to 16: 1)
55 liter collection bag with a one-sided coating and zip
Adjustable shoulder strap with snap hook
Handle with soft grip and adjustable second handle
Collection bag volume: approx. 55 l
Technical specifications
Speed: 10000-15000 min-¹
Max. Air speed: 320 km / h
Max. Suction volume: 14 m³ / min
Chopping rate: max. 16: 1
Motor housing: acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene (ABS)
Suction / blow pipe: Polypropylene (PP)
Collection bag: textile, coated on one side
Chopper with metal knife
Blow mode: approx. 940 x 337 x 222 mm
Suction mode: approx. 1,212 x 975 x 222 mm
Blow mode: approx. 2,867 g
Suction mode: approx. 3,830 g
Device including accessories: approx. 4,058 g
Motor unit: approx. 2,577 g
Upper suction tube: approx. 607 g
Lower suction tube: approx. 338 g
Collection bag: approx. 235 g
Protective cover: approx. 115 g
Upper blowpipe: approx. 135 g
Lower blowpipe: approx. 92 g
Shoulder strap: approx. 75g
Not suitable for vacuuming wet leaves, earth, sand, stones, branches, twigs, water and lawn, grass or meadow areas.

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