ZOOFARI scratching toy, with sisal covering
Cares for your cat’s claws
Material: With strong sisal covering.
Special feature: Can be folded or dismantled

ZOOFARI® scratching toy, with sisal cover 1

Takes care of your cat’s claws – protects furniture, walls and floors
Made of durable sisal and soft plush
Scraper roller:
Outside with strong sisal covering
Inside with cozy plush
Including game ball
Scratch tree:
Stable plate with textile cover and soft plush corner
Trunk with strong sisal covering and toy figure
Easily dismantled – ideal for on the go
Scratching board:
Foldable – optionally mountable on straight walls as well as inside and outside corners
With strong sisal covering
Plush-covered back to protect the wall
Scraper roller: approx. Ø 22 x H 19 cm
Scratching post: approx. W 28 x L 28 x H 43 cm
Scratching board: approx. W 28 x L 80 cm
Scraper roller: approx. 0.75 kg
Cat tree: approx. 1.2 kg
Scratching board: approx. 1.09 kg

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