ERNESTO kitchen gadgets, 4 pieces, for baking
Scope of delivery: 4 parts
Set consisting of wire rack, spreading palette, whisk and egg divider

ERNESTO® kitchen gadgets, 4 pieces, for baking 1

ERNESTO kitchen gadgets for baking
Consisting of:
Chrome-plated metal wire rack – for cooling down and decorating cakes, tarts, etc.
Stainless steel brush palette – for evenly applying couverture, cream, etc.
Stainless steel whisk – for whipping cream and whisking cake fillings
Stainless steel egg divider – for easy, accident-free separation of eggs
4 parts
Wire rack: approx. Ø30 x H 2 cm
Brush palette: approx. W 3 x L 37 cm
Whisk: approx L 25 cm
Egg separator: approx. W 7 x H 3.1 x L 22 cm
Wire rack: approx. 175 g
Brush palette: approx. 95 g
Whisk: approx. 52 g
Egg separator: approx. 70 g

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