CRIVIT 2 pairs of children’s girls’ ski socks
Functional ski stockings recommended by the German Ski Association

CRIVIT® 2 pairs of children girls ski socks 1

Comfort waistband – The hem on the leg is comfortable and completes without constricting
Shin Protector – Cushions the shin
Calf Protector – Cushions and protects the calf
Toe protector – cushions and can reduce pressure points
Instep protector – cushions and protects the instep optimally in the tightly laced ski boot
Knuckle protector – Can protect the sensitive and heavily stressed ankle from friction
Achilles cushion – Can reduce pressure points and friction on the Achilles tendon
Heel pad – Can reduce pressure points and friction
SUPPORT FORCE bandage in the metatarsus and ankle – the special bandage helps support the ankle, stabilizes the metatarsal area and enables the sock to lie firmly on the foot
SmartStep footbed – Ergonomically shaped footbed, specially adapted to the main stress points when skiing
BI-Twist – two properties skillfully combined. While the wool content in the yarn insulates and warms, the polyacrylic ensures good drying
Dryact ™ – Thanks to the good air conditioning of the foot, the skin stays dry and the risk of cooling down is reduced. Light and durable fiber
Available in: Navy / Pink / Gray & White / Pink / Gray
2 pairs

54% acrylic, 21% polyester, 12% wool, 10% polyamide, 3% elastane

31/32 – 41/42

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