PARKSIDE cross line laser
Working range: up to 7 m
Modes: self-leveling / pendulum
fixation Self-leveling range: ± 4 ° (typical)
Simple and precise projection of right-angled orientation lines.
Versatile thanks to 2 projection modes

PARKSIDE® cross line laser 1


Simple and precise projection of right-angled orientation lines
Versatile due to 2 projection modes:
Self-leveling, vertical alignment with LED status display
Any angle that can be set with the laser pendulum fixed
Compact housing with 6.35 mm tripod mount (¼ “)
Including removable 360 ​​° universal clamp, alkaline batteries and operating instructions
Working area: up to 7 m
Leveling accuracy: ± 0.8 mm / m
Automatic shutdown when self-leveling is exceeded when the initial inclination (± 4 °)
Self-leveling range: ± 4 ° (typical)
Including alkaline batteries

Polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30)
Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
Acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene (ABS)
Polyamide (PA)

Cross line laser: approx. 66 x 83 x 67 mm
Clamp: approx. 190 x 76 mm
Clamp (max. Span): approx. 60 mm

Total: approx. 405 g
batteries: approx. 245 g
Clamp: approx. 160 g

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