PARKSIDE small parts range
Various assortments with
hooks / eyes / shrink tubing / blind rivets / sealing rings / hose clamps

PARKSIDE® small parts assortment 1

Parkside small parts range

Hook and eye assortment, 151 pieces, for attaching e.g. B. Decoration in wood
Shrink tubing assortment, 127 pieces, for the safe and splash-proof connection of cables etc.
Assortment of blind rivets, 320 pieces, for easy connection of different materials such as sheet metal, cardboard, etc.
Sealing ring assortment, 125 pieces, for sealing pipes etc.
Hose clamp assortment, 26 pieces, for secure attachment of hoses – continuously adjustable

Hook and eye range: steel
Shrink tubing range: PVC
Assortment of blind rivets: aluminum, steel
Sealing ring assortment: silicone
Hose clamp range: carbon steel

Hook and eye range: 570 g
Shrink tubing assortment: 125 g
Assortment of blind rivets: 370 g
Sealing ring assortment: 120 g
Hose clamp assortment: 507 g

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