PLAYTIVE kneading set »hairdresser«
Features: 17 pieces
Special feature: 6 cans of modeling clay Recommended
age: from 3 years
Promotes creativity and fine motor skills

PLAYTIVE® kneading set »Hairdresser« 1

PLAYTIVE kneading set »hairdresser«
Promotes creativity and fine motor skills
The colorful kneading fun for little hobby hairdressers
17 pieces
6 cans of putty à 56 g in the colors: red, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple
Wide range of accessories: 3 modeling dolls, 1 styling chair, 1 kneading scissors, 1 hair trimmer, 1 razor, 1 comb, 3 hairstyle cutters
Age recommendation: from 3 years
Total: approx. 710 g
scope of delivery
6x cans of plasticine
3x modeling dolls
1x styling chair
1x kneading scissors
1x hair trimmer
1x razor
1x comb
3x hairstyle cookie cutters

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