Parkside Cordless Circular Saw PHKSA 12 B3

Akku-Handkreissäge / Cordless Circular Saw / Scie circulaire sans fi l PHKSA 12 B3

IAN: 341774

Cordless Circular Saw PHKSA 12 B3
Constant Power Control – automatic power adjustmant for a constant cutting performance
Adjustable cutting depth and cutting angle
Powerful 12V Lithium-Ion battery (4.0Ah)
60-minute fast charger with automatic switch-off
3-stage battery status indicator
Integrated LED work light
Electronic soft start
Pendulum blade guard with pull-back lever
LED overload warning light
Connection to external dust extractor – includes adaptor
Easy saw blade exchange with SPINDLE LOCK spindle restraint
For standard saw blades with Ø 85mm (e.g. from Parkside)

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