SilverCrest True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones STSK 2 C3


IAN: 338143

True Wireless Bluetooth® In-Ear Headphones
With charging case
Charging case with integrated Li-Polymer rechargeable battery (550mAh) – charges the headphones while you are out and about

Technical data
Charging/storage box
USB-C input voltage USB 5 V
USB-C input current 500 mA
Qi wireless input voltage 5 V
Wireless charging power 2.5 W
Wireless charging distance to the Qi charger ≤ 5 mm
Frequency band 112.18-146.15 kHz
Transmitted maximum
radio frequency power (H-field)
–13.9 dBµA/m at 10 m distance
Rechargeable battery
Li-ion polymer, 3.7 V, 550 mAh, 2.0 Wh
Charging capacity up to 5 complete
charge cycles for fully discharged headphones
Charging time of the
charging/storage boxes’
built-in battery
approx. 3 hours (complete charging cycle)

Wireless standard Bluetooth® 5.0
Supported profile A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Frequency band 2402 to 2480 MHz
Max. transmitted power < 10 mW
Range approx. 10 m
Rechargeable battery
Li-ion polymer, 3.7 V, 40 mAh, 0.15 Wh
Charging time approx. 1.5 hours
(complete charging cycle)
Operating time (music & phone)
approx. 3 hours (at medium volume)
Operating temperature +10 to +35 °C
Humidity (no condensation)
10 to 70 % relative humidity
Storage temperature 0 to +40 °C
Dimensions approx. 40 x 17 x 18 mm (headphones)
approx. 53 x 52 x 28 mm (charging box)
Weight approx. 10 g
(both headphones)
approx. 39 g (charging box)

7 Replies to “SilverCrest True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones STSK 2 C3”

  1. Los auriculares se me han desemparejado, ahora aparecen los dos por separado cuando busco dispositivos por bluethooth. Necesito saber si hay forma de emparejarlos de nuevo, Gracias.

    1. Me paso lo mismo y lo solucione pulsando los botones de los auriculares 5 veces seguidas para reiniciarlos, los volví a meter en la caja, los saque y ya no salían por separado dos dispositivos bluetooth en el movil

  2. Volume dropped first in an earbud then in the second, and now is hardly audible, seems like internally lowered the volume but I see no way to rise it again:

        1. i had the same problem.
          you try. unpair from any device. close the headset and open. again. without to conect to a device pres the headset button until you hear pairing. then connect again with bluethout. it will work

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