Equipment: with batteries
Special feature: functional
toys Age recommendation: from birth

PLAYTIVE® JUNIOR plush toys 1

PLAYTIVE JUNIOR plush toys as functional toys
Guaranteed fun for young and old
Including batteries
Move and babble
Crazy Monkey: Fidgets happily and laughs at his pupils
Talkback Flamingo: Chatters everything and moves your head and neck funny
Talkback parrot: babbles everything and moves head and wings funny
Dancing dromedary: dances in time with circling head and wobbling rear to 3 different melodies
Age recommendation: from birth
Crazy monkey: L 20 x W 10 x H (sitting) 22 cm
Talkback Flamingo: L 31 x W 17 x H (sitting) 30 cm
Talkback parrot: L 31 x W 15 x H (standing) 24 cm
Dancing dromedary: L 25 x W 11 x H (standing) 26 cm
Crazy Monkey: 284 g excluding batteries / 355 g including batteries
Talkback Flamingo: 244 g excluding batteries / 315 g including batteries
Talkback parrot: 246 g excluding batteries / 280 g including batteries
Dancing dromedary: 339 g excluding batteries / 410 g including batteries
scope of delivery
1x functional plush

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