Livarno LED Uplighter & Reading Lamp


IAN: 338652

Uplighter can be tilted
Pivoting reading light with tiltable arm
Matte-nickel finish
Shade made from frosted glass
Energy-saving LED modules with warm white light
Can be switched on separately
Uplighter and reading lamp can be dimmed

Included items
Check that all the items and accessories are
present and that the lamp is in perfect condition
immediately after unpacking.
1 LED Uplighter & Reading Lamp, model 14134302L
1 Glass bowl
1 Cover
3 Spacer
1 Tube (2-piece)
3 Cap nuts
1 Base
1 Tool
1 Set of assembly instructions and instructions for use
Description of parts
and features
1 Tube
2 Lamp head (reading light)
3 Flexible arm (reading light)
4 Transport lock
5 Base
6 Nut
7 Mains plug
8 Touch switch (uplight)
9 Touch switch (reading light)
10 Spacer
11 Glass bowl
12 Washer (rubber)
13 Washer (plastic)
14 Screws
15 Box nut
16 Cover
Technical data
Model no.: 14134302L
Operating voltage: 230‒240V~, 50Hz
Max. rated power: LED, 36W
Protection class: II /
Protection type: IP20
LED floodlight head:
Illuminant: LED module
Max. rated power: LED, 28W
LED reading lamp:
Illuminant: LED module
Max. rated power: LED, 3.4W

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