PARKSIDE fireplace, in natural stone look, with gas bottle connection hose, glass shade
Terrace fire with gas
heat output: max. 8.8 kW
gas type: butane / propane

PARKSIDE® fireplace, in natural stone look, with gas bottle connection hose, glass shade 1

In high-quality natural stone look
True-to-life surface structure with long-lasting paintwork
Durable fire bowl with protective glass shade
Easy start at the push of a button thanks to the battery ignition system (1x type AAA battery, not included)
Adjustable stainless steel burner with max. 8.8 kW
Housing with lockable door and integrated holder for 5 kg gas bottle (not included)
Incl. Gas bottle connection hose with pressure regulator and weatherproof tarpaulin
Incl. approx. 3 kg of lava stone
Technical specifications
Max. Nominal heat load: 8.8 KW
Gas consumption: approx. 30,000 BTU / h
Equipment category: Heater for outdoor use
Gas type: butane / propane I3B / P (50 mbar)
Burner: stainless steel
Body: steel, envirostone
Shade: tempered glass
Tank seat: steel
Stones: lava stone
approx. W 43 x H 85 x L 43 cm
approx. 28.9 kg
Using this device in an enclosed space is DANGEROUS and PROHIBITED
for outdoor use only.
For private use only.
After use, the valve of the liquid gas bottle or the regulator must be closed.
Caution, accessible parts can be very hot. Keep small children away.
Do not move the device when it is in operation.
The device must be completely cooled down and dry before covering it.
The device must be connected in accordance with the applicable installation regulations and may only be set up in a sufficiently ventilated room. Follow the instructions. Read the instructions before installing and using the device.
For use outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms.
In a well-ventilated room, at least 25% of the surrounding area must be open.
The surrounding area is the sum of all wall areas.
WARNING: This appliance has an open flame, a suitable guard should be used to protect young children, the elderly and the infirm.

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