PARKSIDE battery for »PAPK 12 B2«, 12 volt, 4 Ah (4Ah) battery for PAPK
Compatible with all devices of the “PARKSIDE X 12 V Team” series. Battery voltage: 12 V Battery capacity: 4 Ah

PARKSIDE 12V (4Ah) battery for »PAPK 12 B2«
12 V (4 Ah) lithium-ion battery
Suitable for the X 12 V series charger
Battery compatible with all devices of the “PARKSIDE X 12 V Team” series

If you are not going to use the battery for a long time, take it out of the device and store it in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight. If the lithium-ion battery is to be stored for a longer period, the charge status must be checked regularly. The optimal state of charge is between 50% and 80%. The optimal storage climate is cool and dry.

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