MIOMARE® toilet seat, with quick release function
WC with soft close
Load capacity: max. 150 kg
Material: plastic
Shape: oval or D-shape

MIOMARE® toilet seat wrap with quick release function
Quick release function – lid can be easily removed for cleaning
With practical lowering mechanism
With overlapping lid
High quality hinges made of stainless steel
Load capacity: max. 150 kg
Oval: Simple assembly – suitable for all standard toilets
D-shape: Simple assembly – suitable for all commercially available D-shape toilets
Toilet seat: plastic
Hinges: stainless steel
Fixing material: plastic, stainless steel
D-shape: approx. W 37 x H 4.8 x D 45.5 cm
Oval: approx. W 37.9 x H 5 x D 45.5 cm
D-shape: approx. 2.25 kg
Oval: approx. 2.12 kg

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