PARKSIDE® cordless circular saw »PHKSA 12 B3«, without battery and chargerFrom our PARKSIDE X 12 V Team seriesIdle speed: 1400 min-¹ Cuttingangle: 0–45 °

✓ Automatic power supply for constant cutting performance
✓ Electronically controlled soft start

Battery and charger not included!

PARKSIDE® 12V cordless circular saw »PHKSA 12 B3«, without battery and charger


Constant Power Control – automatic power replenishment for constant cutting performance
Cutting depth and cutting angle continuously adjustable
3-stage battery status display
Integrated LED work light
Electronically controlled soft start
Pendulum protection hood with retraction lever
Anti-slip soft grip equipment
LED warning light in case of overload
Connection for external dust extraction – incl. Adapter
The saw blade can be changed easily thanks to the SPINDLELOCK spindle lock
For standard saw blades with Ø 85 mm (e.g. from Parkside)
Including carrying case
Compatible with all devices of the PARKSIDE X 12 V Team series
Delivery takes place without battery and charger

Included accessories: Saw blade Ø 85 x Ø 15 mm – 20 teeth (pre-assembled), 1 rip fence, 1 adapter for external dust extraction, 1 Allen key

Technical specifications
Idle speed: 1400 min-¹
Cutting angle: 0–45 °
Max. Depth of cut (in wood) at 0 °: approx. 26 mm; at 45 °: approx. 17 mm
With 755 DC motor

Circular saw without battery: approx. 252 x 167 x 163 mm
Rip fence: approx. 258 x 50 x 17.4 mm
Allen key: approx. 75.5 x 34.8 mm
Extraction adapter: approx. Ø 39 x 54 mm
Case: approx. 344 x 238 x 166 mm
Circular saw without battery: approx. 1191 g
Rip fence: approx. 60.5 g
Allen key: approx. 10.4 g
Suction adapter: approx. 30 g (2-part 14 g + 16 g)
Case: approx. 890 g

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