SILVERCREST® bread maker SBB 850 F2Power 850 wattsFunctions: 16 programsSpecial features: Control panel with LC display✓ With viewing window to check the baking process✓ Adjustable bread weight (1000/1250/1500 g)✓ 60-minute warming function

SILVERCREST® bread maker »SBB 850 F2«

With 16 programs and 3 selectable tanning levels
Fully automated program sequences – mixing, kneading, rising and baking
For white and mixed breads, strong wholemeal breads, sweet breads or sponge cakes
With special programs for z. B. gluten-free baking, pasta or pizza dough, jam, yoghurt and programmable (up to 8 own recipes can be programmed)
Adjustable bread weight (1000/1250/1500 g)
60-minute keep-warm function
80-minute express program (e.g. for 1500 g bread)
15-hour timer for delayed baking
Electronic control panel with LC display and operating indicator light
Signal for adding fruits, nuts, etc.
Acoustic and visual reminder to remove the dough hook before baking
Dough hook and baking pan with high-quality non-stick coating from ILAG®
With viewing window to control the baking process

Accessories included:
instruction manual, recipe booklet, measuring cup, measuring spoon and dough hook remover

SILVERCREST® bread maker »SBB 850 F2«
Technical specifications

Power consumption heating power: 850 W
Power consumption motor: 100 W
Cable length: approx. 150 cm


Plastic, die-cast aluminum

approx. 27.2 x 42.2 x 28.5 cm


approx. 5.67 kg

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