ULTIMATE SPEED® car cup holderMaterial: polyesterDimensions: various dimensions✓ For storing pens, smartphones, sunglasses✓ Easy attachment✓ Suitable for beverage cans

ULTIMATE SPEED® car cup holder
Back seat organizer
With two compartments for storing pens, smartphones, sunglasses and much more
Simple, height-adjustable attachment to the headrest
Car seat cup holder
Simple attachment between the front seats
With 2 holders for drinks and 1 universal compartment for smartphone, sunglasses or parking card
Double cup holder
Comfortable, practical organizer
Suitable for beverage cans, bottles or coffee mugs
Simple attachment to the existing cup holder – for two drinks at the same time
Including instructions


Rear seat organizer: approx. L 20 x W 9 x H 8.5 cm
Car seat cup holder: approx. L 27.6 x W 10 x H 20.7 cm
Double cup holder: approx. L 16.5 x W 8 x H 10 cm

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