AQUAPUR® cleaning aidDust wiper set / anti-dusters / anti-bacterial disposableMore product details

AQUAPUR® cleaning aid
Dust wiper set:
For easy cleaning of most solid floors such as laminate, parquet or tiles
Simple handling thanks to the double-joint mop head
4-part aluminum handle with hanging loop
Incl. 10 spare dusters for dry use
Anti-dust cloths:
For dry use
For dust and floor wipers
100 pieces
Anti-Bacterial Disposable:
For hygienic wet wiping
For dust and floor wipers
60 pieces
Dust wiper set: approx. W 25.4 x D 11.4 x H 124 cm
Anti-dust cloths: approx. W 28 x D 22 cm
Disposable anti-bacterial sticks: approx. W 28 x D 22 cm
Dust wiper set: approx. 330 g
Anti-dust cloths: approx. 240 g
Disposable anti-bacterial chopper: approx. 660 g

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