SILVERCREST® steam mop SDM 1500 D2Power: 1,630 WWater tank capacity: 500 mlProtection class: IPX4

SILVERCREST® steam mop »SDM 1500 D2«
For hygienic cleaning – without chemicals
Has a hypoallergenic effect – combats dust mites
2 bursts of steam: for sensitive floors (e.g. parquet, laminate) and insensitive floors (e.g. tiles)
Ready to steam in just 25 seconds
Can be stowed away to save space thanks to the foldable handle
Incl. Carpet gliders and 2 washable microfiber cloths (1 blue cloth for sensitive floors e.g. parquet, laminate, 1 white cloth for e.g. tiles)
Technical specifications
Power: 1,630 W.
Water tank capacity: 500 ml
Operating time per tank filling: approx. 14 minutes
Cable length: approx. 8 m
Protection class: IPX4
approx. 28 x 29.7 x 125 cm

approx. 2,800 g

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