CRIVIT® fitness rollVersatile – for fitness, yoga, Pilates, coordination training and much more

CRIVIT® fitness rolls for fitness, yoga, pilates and coordination training

For a simple massage of the connective tissue and muscles
Can improve mobility and speed up recovery time
Increases blood circulation and relieves tension
Environmentally friendly production
Produced in safe and socially responsible workplaces
With exercise instructions

Standard role:
Smooth surface
Removable core to vary the degree of hardness
Core also suitable as a training device for small muscle areas (e.g. forearms, feet)
Knob roll:
With knobs on the roll
Crivit fitness roll with knobs
EPP foam (both rolls)

Standard roll: approx. Ø 14 x L 32 cm (outer roll); approx. Ø 6 x L 32 cm (inner roll)
Knob roll: approx. Ø 14 x L 33 cm
User weight
max. 100 kg (both rollers)

approx. 180 g (both rolls)

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