PLAYTIVE® wooden outdoor games »Maxi«, made of real woodFeatures: many accessoriesSpecial feature: made of real wood Recommendedage: from 4 years

PLAYTIVE® wooden outdoor games Maxi
Made of real wood
Ladder Golf:
Promotes motor skills and dexterity
With 3 cross bars and 6 swing balls
With 3 different levels of difficulty
Throw the balls on the bar so they get caught
With 6 swing balls
Viking chess with numbers:
Promotes dexterity and logical thinking
With cotton bag for repackaging
Viking chess:
Promotes hand-eye coordination
With cotton bag for repackaging
Age recommendation: from 4 years
Real wood
Ladder golf: approx. W 60 x H 73 x L 53 cm
Viking chess with numbers:
Thrower: approx. H 22 x Ø 4.5 cm
Play wood: approx. H 15 x Ø 5.5 cm
Viking chess:
King: approx. W 6.5 x H 30 x D 6.5 cm
Farmer: approx. W 6 x H 15 x D 6 cm
Throwing Sticks: approx. Ø 3.5 cm × L 30 cm
Corner bars: approx. Ø 2 cm × L 30 cm
Ladder golf: approx. 1,860 g
Viking chess with numbers: approx. 2,972 g
Viking chess: approx. 3,846 g
Warning notices
CAUTION! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small balls. Choking hazard. Children may only play with the item under adult supervision.

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