ERNESTO® grill trays, enamelled, dishwasher-safe
Temperature resistant: up to 400 ° C
Dishwasher safe: yes

ERNESTO® grill trays, enamelled
Suitable for gas and charcoal grills
Temperature resistant up to 400 ° C
Also suitable for the oven
Easy to clean – dishwasher safe
2 grill tray:
Ideal for feta, tofu or small pieces
2 pieces
2 grill tray:
Ideal for pizza, tarte flambée or grilled bananas
2 pieces
Square grill tray: Ideal for juicy foods such as grilled vegetables, stuffed mushrooms or tomatoes
Grill tray:
With a perforated base – ideal for grill skewers, sausages or grilled potato wedges
With food-safe enamel coating
Scratch and cut resistant
Double grill tray: each approx. W 13 x H 2.5 x L 27 cm
Double grill tray: each approx. W 16 x H 2.5 x L 31.5 cm
Square grill tray: approx. W 23 x H 2.5 x L 28.5 cm
Grill tray: approx. W 20 x H 2.5 x L 40 cm
Double grill tray: approx. 430 g
Double grill tray: approx. 526 g
Square grill tray: approx. 530 g
Grill tray: approx. 385 g

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