SILVERCREST® bathroom scalesWeight indicator in: kg, lb or stClassification: 100 g / 0.2 lbCapacity / weighing area: max 180 kg / 396 lb.✓ 4-sensor technology✓ With step surface made of 6 mm safetyglass ✓ Overload and battery change indicator

SILVERCREST® bathroom scales, with 4-sensor technology

4-sensor technology for precise weight determination
Step-on function: weight measurement directly when stepping on the scales – including automatic switch-off
With step surface made of 6 mm safety glass
Easy to read LC display
Overload and battery change indicator
Accessories included: battery

Technical specifications

Weight display in kg, lb or st
Graduation: 100 g / 0.2 lb
Load capacity / weighing range: max. 180 kg / 396 lb
SILVERCREST® bathroom scales

ABS, safety glass


approx. W 30 x H 2.3 x D 30 cm

approx. 1500 g

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