PARKSIDE cored wire »PSFD B1« Types: Ø 0.6, Ø 0.8, Ø 0.9 & Ø 1.0 Area of ​​application: without external inert gas supply

✓ For common cored wire welding machines

Gehe zu Vollbildansicht: PARKSIDE® Fülldraht »PSFD B1« - Bild 1

PARKSIDE cored wire »PSFD B1«

For common cored wire welding devices (e.g. PFDS 120 A2 cored wire welding device from Parkside and many other device manufacturers such as Mauk or Deca)
Area of ​​application: without external protective gas supply
Steel wire with shielding gas (in solid form)


steel, plastic


Ø0.6: approx. 0.6 mm x 238 m
Ø0.8: approx. 0.8 mm x 142 m
Ø0.9: approx. 0.9 mm x 118 m
Ø1.0: approx. 1.0 mm x 100 m


approx. 450 g

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