TRONIC button cells, 48-pack XXL Set: 48 pieces Battery types: 12 different

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TRONIC button cells, 48-pack XXL

For clocks, radios, flashlights, remote controls, etc.
Multipack – 48 pieces with 12 different battery types
AG3/LR41 (28mAh/1.5V)
AG12/LR43 (80mAh/1.5V)
AG13/LR44 (130mAh/1.5V)
AG1/LR621 (9mAh/1.5V)
AG4/LR626 (13mAh/1.5V)
AG5/LR754 (50mAh/1.5V)
AG8/LR1120 (24mAh/1.5V)
AG10/LR1130 (55mAh/1.5V)
CR1620 (60mAh/3V)
CR2016 (80mAh/3V)
CR2025 (160mAh/3V)
CR2032 (220mAh/3V)


approx. 22 x 28.5 cm


approx. 320 g

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