Car Charger Plug SLM 11 B2


User manual 1

Brand Name



  • 4019641032697



Product description

  • Car Charger Plug
  • For mobile phones, hand-held game consoles, etc.
  • Ideal for on the road – no need for separate chargers
  • Extensive adaptor set for charging batteries via 12 or 24V cigarette lighter
  • USB port for charging all standard devices with USB charging function
  • Permanently attached coil cable (length approx. 110cm) and LED status indicator
  • Rated input voltage: 12/24V
  • Charging current: cable: max. 1000mA (5.5V)/ USB output: max. 1000mA (5V)
  • Please check the device manufacturer’s requirements
  • Manufacturer
  • Adaptor type
  • Model description

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