Watercolour Paints


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Product description

  • Oil Paints
  • Set of 12 assorted colours – bring your creative ideas to life
  • For bright colour painting
  • Outstanding coverage
  • Contains 12ml of each colour
  • 12 pieces

CRELANDO sewing machine accessories Ribbon Assortment / Hand Sewing Set

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CRELANDO sewing machine accessories

Bands Assortment
7-piece set with elastic bands, iron-on hem bands and self-adhesive Velcro
4 elastic bands in 4 sizes (A-D), machine washable up to 95 °C
2 “Blindstitch” iron-on hem bands, machine washable up to 60 °C
1 pair of self-adhesive Velcro strips
Also suitable for sewing
hand sewing kit
105 piece set for home and hobby tailoring
40 Pearl Head Pins
18 sewing needles in different sizes
10 self-threading miracle needles
10 pointed embroidery needles
10 darning needles without point
12 safety pins in different sizes
1 metal thimble
1 seam ripper with protective hood
1 needle threader
1 metal thread scissors
1 measuring tape 150 cm
CRELANDO® sewing machine accessories

Bands Assortment
Straps AC: 60% polyester, 40% elastodiene
Band D: 65% polyester, 35% elastodiene
Ironing hem tapes: 100% polyester
Pair of Velcro straps: 100% polyamide
Hand sewing set: steel, plastic

ribbon assortment
Ribbons OD: 3m x 6mm | 3m x 8mm | 2m x 13mm | 1m x 25mm
Ironing hem tapes: 2 mx 25 mm | 2m x 30mm
Velcro pair: 1 mx 16 mm


Ribbon Assortment: Approx. 119 g
Hand Sewing Kit: Approx. 116g

CRELANDO sewing and tailoring range Sewing pattern copy set / exclusive tailor set / sewing thread assortment

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CRELANDO sewing and tailoring range

Sewing Pattern Copy Kit
12 pieces
Simply transfer patterns from templates to fabrics
5 sheets of tissue paper, each approx. 120 x 110 cm
2 tailor’s pencils, white and blue, for marking the area to be cut
4 textile clips for firmly fixing fabric and copy paper
1 marking wheel for tracing the pattern onto the fabric
Exclusive tailor set
Diverse accessories for home and hobby tailoring
202 pieces
30 sewing needles in different sizes
120 steel pins
1 seam ripper with protective hood
1 marking wheel for exact copying of patterns
1 pair of universal scissors, length approx. 20 cm
1 tailor pencil with brush
1 metal thimble
1 white tailor’s chalk
2 needle threaders, silver colored
12 safety pins in 4 sizes
5 sewing machine needles JEANS, sizes 70-80-90-100
5 UNIVERSAL sewing machine needles, sizes 70-80-90-100
12 shirt and blouse buttons in black, beige and white
10 Pairs of Silver Snaps 8mm + 10mm
Sewing Thread Assortment
64 pieces
Ideal for the sewing machine and for sewing by hand
Syngarn all-sewing threads made of 100% polyester, stable and colourfast, thread count: Ne 40/2
Contents: 32 sewing thread spools of 50 m each (thread count: Ne 40/2), 32 lower thread spools of 25 m each (thread count:
Ne 40/2)


Pattern Copy Kit: Approx 295g
Exclusive cutter set: approx. 216 g
Sewing Thread Assortment: Approx 360g

CRELANDO DIY creative set Set: 7/ 9/ 8/ 17/ 13 pieces Available as: 5 different creative sets

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CRELANDO DIY creative set

DIY macramé hanging basket
7-piece creative set for designing a decorative hanging basket
4 wooden beads
1 wooden ring
1 square wooden board
1 cotton cord to tie
DIY Macramé Coasters
9-piece creative set to design 4 decorative coasters
4 x 12m Macramé Yarn
4 safety pins
1 tape measure
DIY rainbow
8-piece creative set for designing an imaginative rainbow
5 balls of knitting yarn in 5 colors
1 rope
1 spool of sewing thread
1 sewing needle
DIY dream catcher
17-piece creative set for creating a decorative dream catcher
1 bamboo ring
1 skein of crochet yarn
3 different colored lace borders
2 decorative flowers
7 decorative bobbles
1 sewing thread
1 crochet hook
1 sewing needle
DIY Friendship Bracelets
13-piece creative set for designing personal friendship bracelets
12 different colored embroidery thread skeins
1 weaving wheel


Macramé hanging basket: cotton, wood
Macramé coasters: cotton, metal
Rainbow: cotton, metal
Dream Catcher: Polyester, Cotton, Bamboo, Metal
Friendship bracelets: cotton


Macramé hanging basket:
Square wooden board: L 13 x W 13 cm
Cotton cord: L 20 m
Wooden beads: each Ø 2 cm
Wooden ring: Ø 5 cm
Macramé coasters:
Yarn: L 12 m
Rope: Ø 1.5 cm
Knitting yarn: each L 8 m
Bamboo ring: Ø 13 cm
Sewing thread: L 2 m
bobble: 1.5 cm; 2cm; 3 cm
friendship bracelets:
Strands: 8 m each
Weaving wheel: Ø 10 cm

CRELANDO cotton yarn Material: 100% cotton Weight: approx. 200 g

✓ Machine washable at 60°C on a gentle cycle

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CRELANDO cotton yarn – for creative projects

Machine washable at 60°C on a gentle cycle
Fleur cotton knitting yarn
Colours: blue, pink & white
Summer cotton yarn. Ideal for fashionable accessories and for creative design
Incl. knitting instructions for a women’s top
8 threads
Material required for a top size S/M/L: approx. 400/500/600 g
Cotton knitting yarn “Bellis”
Colours: bordeaux, gray & navy
Subtly shimmering cotton yarn. Ideal for fashionable accessories and for creative design
Including knitting instructions for a women’s short-sleeved sweater
Material requirements for a short-sleeved sweater size S/M/L: approx. 250/300/350 g


100% cotton


Running length of cotton knitting yarn “Fleur”: approx. 350 m
Running length of cotton knitting yarn “Bellis”: approx. 500 m


about 200g

CRELANDO universal sewing box Sewing Thread/Mercerie Assortment / Sewing Thread Set / Sewing Thread Assortment / Tailor’s Set

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CRELANDO universal sewing box

Diverse accessories for home and hobby tailoring
Tailor Set
Tailor’s scissors, 20 cm, 30x sewing needles in various sizes, silver needle threader, thimble, tailor’s tape measure, 150 cm x 1.6 cm, marking wheel, tailor’s chalk pen with correction brush, seam ripper with protective cover, metal bobbin, 5x jeans sewing machine needles, 5x sewing machine needles Universal, 100x pins, 32 mm, 12x safety pins
Sewing Thread/Mercerie Assortment
5x 20 m highly tear-resistant special star thread, 10x 100 m syn yarn all-sewing thread, 5x 20 m universal darning thread, 2x 50 m transparent sewing thread, 50 cm universal sewing thread braid, 25 colors x 9 threads, maxi card elastic Elastic cord with 2 different types of highly elastic and soft elastic cord: 3 m – standard elastic – width 6.0 mm, 2 m – wide elastic – width 13 mm, tape measure, 150 cm, 5x sewing needles with threader, 8x snaps, 30x pearl-head pins , 20x shirt and blouse buttons, 6x laundry buttons
Sewing Thread Assortment
32x 50m sewing thread spools, 32x 25m plastic bobbins
Sewing Thread Set
50 x 50m sewing thread spools


Tailor Set: Approx. 210g
Sewing Thread/Mercerie Assortment: Approx 335g
Sewing Thread Assortment: Approx 370g
Sewing Thread Set: Approx. 320g

CRELANDO sewing thread set, 6 spools Set: 6 bobbins Suitable for: all fabrics Feature: colourfast

✓ Best running properties
✓ Suitable for high sewing speeds

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CRELANDO sewing thread set, 6 spools

Suitable for all fabrics
Best running properties, even at high sewing speeds
6 coils
Jeans sewing thread
Strong denim sewing thread
Yarn count Ne 25.3/2
Extra strong sewing thread
Highly tear-resistant special sewing thread
Yarn count Ne 16/3
Shine effect sewing thread
For decorative and ornamental seams
Yarn count Ne 40/2
Syngarn sew-all thread
Yarn count Ne 40/2
Assortment with natural tones
Assortment with pastel shades
Assortment with neon tones


Jeans Sewing Thread: 100% Polyamide
Extra Strong Sewing Thread: 100% Polyester
Shiny effect sewing thread: 75% polyester, 25% metallized fiber
Syngarn Sew-All Thread: 100% Polyester


Jeans sewing thread, extra strong sewing thread, shiny effect sewing thread: 6 spools of 100 m
Syngarn all-purpose thread: 6 spools of sewing thread, each 500 m

CRELANDO tailoring consumables Available as: different versions Feature: for tailoring

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CRELANDO tailoring consumables

laundry buttons:
Can be boiled and tumble dried
Made of transparent plastic
60 pieces
4 hole shirt buttons:
40 buttons in white
40 mother-of-pearl buttons
80 pieces
Transparent sewing thread:
Elastic yarn with high tear resistance
Ideal for fine seams and for sewing elastic materials
In 2 colors (2 x light, 1 x dark)
3 x 200m
Zipper set:
Spiral zips with metal zips
Ideal for pillows, bags or clothing
5 pieces
Velcro set self-adhesive:
For textiles of all kinds
Can be cut to size
1.5 m self-adhesive Velcro tape with a width of 2 cm
Tailor’s chalk set:
In 4 colors: white, blue, yellow and red
4 pieces
Easily washable
Bias tape folded
For easy edging of fabrics
3 m bias tape with a width of 2 cm
Universal sewing thread:
Colourfast, tear-resistant and hard-wearing
Yarn count: Ne 40/2
Hem clips:
For shortening or lengthening hems on clothing, curtains and much more
3 pieces
Prevents fabric from slipping
Made of stainless steel with practical cm scale
For textiles of all kinds
Length: approx. 10 cm each
jeans buttons:
Made of metal
8 pieces
Ø approx. 15 mm
Blindstitch Ironing Hem Tape:
For easy ironing of seamless hems on blouses, dresses or skirts
Dimensions: 2m x 2.5cm / 2m x 3cm
2 pieces
Machine washable up to 60°C
Sewing machine thread XL:
Quality thread – suitable for high sewing speed
Also suitable for overlock machines
Yarn count: Ne 40/2


Laundry buttons: plastic
Shirt buttons: plastic
Clear Sewing Thread: 100% Polyamide
Zipper Set: Plastic
Velcro Set: Plastic, 100% Polyester
Tailor’s chalk set: 100% cotton
Bias binding: 100% cotton
Sew-all: 100% polyester
Hem clips: steel
Jeans buttons: metal
Blindstitch Tape: 100% Polyester
Sewing Machine Thread: 100% Polyester