ERNESTO® ice maker silicone (ice cubes)Temperature resistance: from -40 ° C to 120 ° CDishwasher safe: Yes

ERNESTO® ice maker silicone (ice cubes), 5 forms
5 shapes for:
15x large ice cubes
32x small ice cream scoops
4x maxi ice cream scoops
12x ice cylinders
10x ice cream sticks
Maxi ice ball shape with leak-proof lid
Made of flexible platinum silicone for easy removal
Also suitable for carbonated liquids
Odorless and tasteless
Temperature resistant from -40 ° C to 120 ° C
Dishwasher safe
Including care instructions
approx. L 19 x W 12 x H 3.4 cm
approx. L 19.7 x W 11 x H 2 cm
approx. L 12 x W 12 x H 5.3 cm
approx. L 19.2 x W 13 x H 4.3 cm
approx. L 27.3 x W 9.5 x H 2 cm

ERNESTO® plastic kitchen gadgetsScope of delivery: spatula, wooden spoon and potatomasher Dishwasher-safe: YesHeat-resistant: up to 210 ° C

ERNESTO® kitchen gadgets, plastic, 3-part

Functional part made of high-quality plastic – protects cookware from scratches
Heat resistant up to 210 ° C
Dishwasher safe
Practical hanging loop and ring

scope of delivery

Spatula, wooden spoon and potato masher


Caution: Never leave them in hot cookware or place them on the hot edges of pots or pans. Avoid permanent contact with hot oil or other fats.

ERNESTO® knife setBlades with non-stick coating: yesDishwasher safe: yes

ERNESTO knife set, black or colored

Blades with non-stick coating
1-colored, ergonomically shaped handle, treated with silver
Dishwasher safe
Set consisting of 4 different knives

1x bread knife
1x chef’s knife
1x utility knife
1x paring knife

Bread knife :
Handle length 13 cm
Blade (length x material thickness): 20 cm x 1.8 mm
Chef’s knife :
Handle length 13 cm
Blade (length x material thickness): 19.5 cm x 1.8 mm
Utility knife :
Handle length 11 cm
Blade (length x material thickness): 12.5 cm x 1.2 mm
Paring knife :
Handle length 11 cm
Blade (length x material thickness): 9 cm x 1.2 mm

ERNESTO® food storage boxesAvailable in: pink & light blueTemperature resistant: from -20 to 90 ° C

ERNESTO® food storage boxes, 13 pieces

For keeping food fresh, heating up and freezing food
Temperature resistant from -20 to 90 ° C
Microwave and dishwasher safe
13 pieces

Scope of delivery:

1 x approx. 6.8 l
2 x approx. 1.15 l
2 x approx. 1 l
8 x approx. 0.5 l




6.8 l: approx. 310 x 240 x 131 mm
1.15 l: approx. 214 x 150 x 56 mm
1 l: approx. 158 x 158 x 74 mm
0.5 l: approx. 170 x 120 x 47 mm

ERNESTO® bowl set stainless steelDishwasher safe,: yesTemperature resistant down to -20 ° CDiameter: small: Ø 14.5 medium: Ø 16.5 large: Ø 18.5 cm

ERNESTO® bowl set stainless steel

3 bowls with lids
dishwasher safe,
temperature resistant down to -20 ° C
Closing lid tightly

small 0.75 L
medium 1.0 L
large 1.6 L

small: Ø 14.5 x 7.9 (H) cm
medium: Ø 16.5 x 8.6 (H) cm
large: Ø 18.5 x 9.6 (H) cm
Dimensions without lid:

small: Ø 14.3 x 7.6 (H) cm
medium: Ø 16 x 8.3 (H) cm
large: Ø 18 x 9.2 (H) cm

ERNESTO® aluminum pan, 20 cmDimensions: Ø approx. 20 cm Oven-proof: up to 160 ° CSuitable for: all types of stoves – including induction

ERNESTO® aluminum pan, 20 cm

Stone-like inner surface for less oil consumption
ILAG® Ultimate HL: innovative multilayer system of the latest generation – ceramic-reinforced primer and a unique polymer matrix in the top layer lead to improved and excellent non-stick properties
Long-lasting and hard-wearing
High scratch and abrasion resistance
Energy-saving through even and fast heat distribution
Oven-proof up to 160 ° C
Soft touch handle
Suitable for all types of stoves – including induction
Dishwasher safe
Floor thickness: approx. 6 mm




Total: approx. L 380 x Ø 208 x H 68 mm
Pan depth: approx. 3.7 cm


approx. 515 g

ERNESTO® mini pan, made of aluminumSuitable for: all types of stoves (except induction)

✓ For health-conscious, low-fat roasting
✓ Non- stick coating
✓ Energy-saving

ERNESTO® mini pan, made of aluminum

For health-conscious, low-fat roasting
ILAG® Essential: non-stick coating for everyday use
Good non-stick properties
Excellent cleanability
Energy-saving through even and fast heat distribution
Suitable for all heat sources, except induction)
Mini wok pan: approx. 1.1 l
Mini casserole: approx. 0.9 l




Mini wok pan: approx. Ø 18 cm
Mini casserole: approx. Ø 14 cm
Mini pan: approx. Ø 20 cm


Mini wok pan: approx. 355 g
Mini casserole: approx. 330 g
Mini pan: approx. 345 g

ERNESTO® kitchen scales, 5 kg load capacity, with removable weighing panLoad capacity: up to 5 kgDimensions: approx. W 24.5 x H 21.2 x D 24.5 cm

ERNESTO® kitchen scales with weighing pan
Measuring range up to 5 kg
Divided into 20 g increments
Large, easy-to-read weighing scale
Zero position can be adjusted manually – also as a tare function for weighing individual ingredients
Removable weighing pan made of high-quality stainless steel (approx. 1.6 l) – dishwasher-safe
Robust, powder-coated metal housing
Anti-slip feet
approx. W 24.5 x H 21.2 x D 24.5 cm

Scale: approx. 883 g
Bowl: approx. 202 g

ERNESTO® kitchen scales pastelCapacity : 1.6 L to the brim 1.9LDishwasher- safe : bowl

ERNESTO® kitchen scales pastel

Capacity EU: 5 kg
Capacity GB / IE / NI: 5 kg / 11 lb
Classification EU: 20 g
Classification GB / IE / NI: 20 g / 1 oz
0-1 kg: +/- 1.25d (25g)
1-4 kg: +/- 2.5d (50g)
4-5 kg: +/- 3.1d (62.5g)
Adjustment wheel
Removable weighing bowl
Capacity: 1.6 L to the brim 1.9L
Dishwasher safe bowl

Bowl: EDS # 202
Scales: steel
Viewing window: PS + ABS + chrome-plated ring

Total (including bowl) 1085 g
Scale: 883 g
Bowl: 202 g

Total (including bowl): 245 x 245 x 212 mm
Bowl: 245 x 72 mm