Nespoli painting set, painting tools 16 pieces, with paint roller for paint
High-quality painting tools for perfect painting
results Painting set: 16 pieces

Nespoli painting set for perfect painting results
The comfortable painter’s set contains everything you need for painting. The extensive painting set consists of 16 high-quality tools and can be stored after use in the paint tray, the lid of which becomes a wiping grid. So everything is ready to hand for the next use.

In the glaze set you get:

1 small paint roller bracket and 2 rollers:
for perfectly covering painting results
particularly suitable for anti-rust coatings
higher ink absorption and release due to Teflon ™ surface protector
with soft-touch handle for comfortable work
2 FillPro® flat brushes:
High-tech filaments for higher color absorption and a perfect surface finish
Handle made of FSC® certified wood
1 paint tray and 1 squeegee:
The transparent paint tray lid with an integrated knob structure serves as a wiping grid for optimal paint absorption
extra large storage space for storing tools
3 waterproof sandpaper: for the finest surfaces and finishing work
1 painter’s tarpaulin:
4 x 5 m = 20 square meters
effective protection against paint splashes, dust, etc.
1 duster: for cleaning and care
1 paint can opener: made of metal
1 pair of disposable gloves : to protect the hands
1 flat crepe tape: for straight and clean edges
1 paint stirrer: made of FSC®-certified wood

Coating rollers: polyester plush
Small roller hanger: 2-component handle, galvanized steel wire
Flat brush: FSC beech wood, synthetic fiber filaments, tinplate ferrule
Paint tray, wiper lid: polypropylene
Sandpaper: recycled paper, aluminum oxide, grain size 120, 180, 400 per sheet
Painter’s tarpaulin: soft polyethylene
Duster: cotton / polyester blend
Paint can opener: galvanized steel wire
Disposable gloves: powdered latex
Crepe tape: crepe paper
Mixing wood: FSC beech wood

1.2 kg

Nespoli professional wallpaper set, 9 pieces, painters brushes, cover fleece, spatula and much more
Practical set for wallpapering work
Set: 9 pieces

Everything at hand – with the 9-piece professional wallpaper set
With this painter’s kit you get everything you need for a renovation. No more searching for the required materials – with the 9-piece set you have everything ready and can get started. And after painting, you simply stow the painter’s set in the paint bucket supplied and everything is back in place. The set also includes a painter’s tarpaulin, which is 20 m 2 very hard-wearing and particularly tear-resistant and offers protection against paint splashes, dust and dirt during all painting, wallpapering and plastering work.

In the painter’s set you get:

1 paint bucket with lid
1 paste brush with bucket hook for applying the wallpaper paste
1 wallpaper brush for smoothing and pressing on wallpaper
1 wallpaper pressure roller for gently pressing wallpaper
1 pressure spatula for pressing wallpaper in edges, angles and corners
1 wallpapering scissors with break-proof plastic handles
1 painter’s spatula made of hardened steel to fill in
1 fine spatula with soft-touch handle for comfortable working
1 plaster beaker (conical and elastic) for mixing small quantities of plaster of paris

Paint can with lid: plastic (PP), steel
Paste brush: beech wood, FSC certified, bristle polyester mixture, plastic handle
Wallpaper brush: beech wood, FSC certified, bristle horsehair mixture
SoftTouch spatula: stainless steel blade, 2-component handle (PP / TPE)
Wallpaper scissors: stainless steel, plastic handle
Wallpaper pressure roller: PU foam, plastic handle, steel wire
Wallpaper spatula: plastic
Plaster bowl flat: soft plastic
Cover film: plastic

Cover film: 4 x 5 m (20 m 2 )
Paste brush: 8 x 18 cm
SoftTouch spatula: blade 4 cm
Wallpaper plaster: 15 cm
Pressure roller: 15 cm

1.45 kg