Silvercrest Garment Steamer

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With non-stick coated soleplate
4-in-1 – Ironing
Steaming (steam burst)
Fabric brushing
Lint removal
Removable water tank (70ml)
Adjustable temperature and steam burst button
Heating indicator lights
Integrated stand to protect your surfaces as well as a practical hanging loop
Includes filler cup and detachable brush attachment
Power consumption: 1000W
Ready to use in 60 seconds
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Lidl: A Global Retail Giant with a Local Touch


In the dynamic landscape of the global retail industry, Lidl stands out as a formidable player that has redefined the shopping experience for millions of customers worldwide. Originating in Germany in 1973, Lidl has evolved from a regional grocery store to an international supermarket chain with a presence in numerous countries. This article explores the history, business model, and key features that have contributed to Lidl’s success.

History and Expansion:

Lidl, founded by Dieter Schwarz, started as a small store in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The company quickly gained popularity for its commitment to offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Lidl’s success in Germany paved the way for its expansion into other European countries during the 1990s. By focusing on cost efficiency, streamlined operations, and a carefully curated product selection, Lidl managed to establish a strong presence in the competitive grocery market.

Lidl’s international expansion has been marked by strategic entry into diverse markets. The company has successfully adapted its business model to suit local preferences and regulations, ensuring that it remains a relevant and competitive player in each region. Today, Lidl operates in numerous European countries, the United States, and beyond, continually expanding its global footprint.

Business Model and Core Values:

Lidl’s business model is centered around simplicity, efficiency, and affordability. The company has built a reputation for offering a limited but carefully curated selection of private-label products, which allows it to maintain control over quality and pricing. By reducing operational complexities, Lidl can pass on cost savings to customers, offering them high-quality goods at prices that often undercut competitors.

One of Lidl’s core values is a commitment to sustainability. The company has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including energy-efficient stores, waste reduction programs, and sustainable sourcing practices. This dedication to environmental responsibility resonates with an increasingly conscious consumer base, contributing to Lidl’s positive image and customer loyalty.

Innovation and Technology:

Lidl has embraced technological advancements to enhance the shopping experience for its customers. The company has invested in modern store designs, incorporating energy-efficient technologies, and implementing digital solutions to streamline operations. Lidl’s online presence has also expanded, allowing customers to browse products, access promotions, and even order groceries online in some regions.

Lidl’s commitment to innovation extends beyond its internal operations. The company frequently introduces new product lines, responding to evolving consumer preferences and market trends. From organic and sustainable options to specialty items, Lidl strives to offer a diverse range of products to cater to the varying needs of its customer base.

Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility:

Despite its global presence, Lidl places a strong emphasis on community engagement and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company actively supports local initiatives, charities, and community projects in the regions where it operates. By fostering positive relationships with local communities, Lidl not only contributes to societal well-being but also strengthens its brand image as a responsible corporate citizen.

Challenges and Future Outlook:

While Lidl has achieved remarkable success, it is not immune to challenges. The retail industry is constantly evolving, and competition is fierce. Lidl faces the ongoing task of staying ahead of market trends, meeting changing consumer demands, and adapting to new technologies. Additionally, navigating the complexities of international markets requires continuous strategic adjustments to local preferences and regulations.

Looking ahead, Lidl is poised for further growth and innovation. The company continues to explore new markets, refine its product offerings, and invest in technology to enhance the overall shopping experience. As Lidl maintains its commitment to affordability, sustainability, and community engagement, it is likely to remain a prominent player in the global retail landscape for years to come.


Lidl’s journey from a small German grocery store to a global retail giant is a testament to its commitment to providing value, quality, and innovation. With a business model that prioritizes efficiency and affordability, coupled with a dedication to sustainability and community engagement, Lidl has carved out a distinctive niche in the competitive world of retail. As the company continues to evolve and expand, its impact on the industry and the shopping habits of consumers around the world is likely to endure.

Sewing Machine Trolley Bag

Size including wheels: W44 x H42 x D30cm

Ideal for storage and easy transportation.
Suitable for all standard sewing machines.
Padded main compartment with hook & loop fastening strap inside.
Size including wheels: W44 x H42 x D30cm.
Max. load: 10kg.
Capacity: 35L.
Choose from green or black.

Ultimate Speed Portable Cordless Compressor

Powerful cordless mini compressor – ideal for when you‘re out and about
Small, compact and effective
Ideal for inflating tyres in the event of loss of pressure
Suitable for cars, bicycles or leisure items
One battery charge for inflating is sufficient for 1 car tyre 225/55 R16 from 1.5 bar to 2.5 bar /2 motorcycle tyres 2.75- 18 from 0 bar to 2.2 bar / 4 bicycle tyres 20 x 1.75 from 0 bar to 4.1 bar
Lithium battery in FePO4 design with 4x 500mAh (at 12.8V, 6.4Wh)
Pre-selectable air pressure up to 4.1 bar (60 PSI) with automatic switch-off when the pressure is reached
Integrated LED torch
Without power adaptor – sustainable and environmentally conscious
Compressed air hose with 4 adaptors that can be stored in the device: car tyre valve (firmly attached to the hose), bicycle valve, ball needle, universal adaptor
Illuminated LCD display with pressure gauge, battery charge status and battery charging indicator
Includes 12V USB adaptor, USB cable (3.5m), USB-C input (for charging), carry bag and instructions
3-year warranty

Ultimate Speed Portable Jump Starter with Power Bank

2-in-1: jump starter for cars as well as a powerful power bank
Direct start with a high current boost (500A / 12V) – no lengthy recharging
Protected against reverse polarity, short circuit and overload as well as being spark-proof
Modern Li-Ion technology and powerful LiFePO4 battery
Increased efficiency – up to 90% usable battery capacity
Particularly long lifespan with high cycle stability
Very low self-discharge
12000mAh power bank with 2 USB outputs (1A / 2A) and USB-C input (5V / 1A)
12V connection (max. 8A) compatible with other items (e.g. heated seat cushion)
Includes 12V adaptor, jump starter cable and 3 way USB charging cable for mobile phones and tablets with micro USB / mini USB / or USB-C connection
4 LEDs indicate charge status
Integrated LED torch with flashing setting
In a convenient storage and transport bag
Without power adaptor – sustainable and environmentally conscious
Jump starter suitable for petrol engines up to max. 3000cc and diesel engines up to max. 2000cc
Battery: Lithium-Ion 12V (12000mAh at 3.2V / 38.4Wh)
Integrated LED torch suitable for temperatures as low as -21°C
3-year warranty

Auriol® universal magnifying glass

lens dimensions (diameter): 4.1 in.

robust pivoting acrylic lens

2x magnification – with integrated 8x spot lens

can be placed on a surface or hung around the neck – bracket and lens frame adjustable for individual positioning

also great for needlework and crafts projects

padded bracket for added comfort

3-year limited warranty