vileda cleaning assistantsEffortlessly sweeps up dust, hair and dirt particles✓ Convincing sweeping performance✓ Optimal cleaning of corners, joints and edges

Vileda cleaning assistants
Broom with telescopic handle
Effortlessly sweeps up dust, hair and dirt particles
Fine, black bristles sweep up dust without stirring it up
Dense, gray bristles easily pick up hair and crumbs
Thick, red bristles clean corners, joints and edges
Furniture protection with rubber buffers on the sides
With extendable telescopic handle (approx. 75-130 cm)
2in1 sweeping set
Dustpan set for effortless collection of dust and crumbs
Convincing sweeping performance thanks to the innovative 2in1 bristle concept
Optimal cleaning of corners, joints and edges
Easy and thorough sweeping on the dustpan
Broom with telescopic handle:
Rubber buffers: thermoplastic elastomers
Bristles: recycled PET
Handle: 100% powder-coated steel
2in1 sweeping set:
Bristles: recycled PET
Broom: 100% polypropylene
Dustpan: 100% polypropylene
Broom with telescopic handle: approx. W 30 x H 84 x D 6 cm
2in1 sweeping set: approx. W 24.8 x H 14.1 x D 34.6 cm
Broom with telescopic handle: approx. 534 g
2in1 sweeping set: approx. 233 g

vileda Spray Clean System, can be rotated 180 °Wiper plate: can be rotated 180 ° Cover: microfibre

✓ Spray wiper with refillable tank
✓ Covers 2x more area than conventional products
✓ High-quality microfibre cover cleans thoroughly

Vileda Spray Clean System

Spray wiper with refillable tank and 180 ° rotatable wiper plate
Captures 2x more area than conventional products
For quick and thorough cleaning in between
High-quality microfibre cover cleans thoroughly

Cover: 88% polyester, 12% polyamide
Base plate, stem and tank: 71% polypropylene, 27% steel, 1% TPE, 1% NBR foam

approx. W 21.3 x D 11.8 x H 141.6 cm


approx. 1 kg

vileda replacement covers Easy Wring, 2 pieces2in1 replacement headQuantity: 2 piecesMaterial: 100% microfiber✓ For the Easy Wring & Clean System✓ Ideal for damp cleaning

Vileda 2 replacement covers Easy Wring

Two different replacement heads for the Easy Wring & Clean System
Classic replacement head made of 100% microfibre – ideal for wet cleaning
2in1 replacement head with red Kraft fibers for optimal crumb and particle absorption

Classic: 100% microfiber polyester
2in1: 90% polyester, 10% polyamide
Plastic plate: 100% polypropylene

approx. W 21.8 x H 9 x D 30 cm


approx. 250 g

vileda cleaning system, for all floor coveringsMop cover : 100% microfibreUse: For all floor coveringsSpecial feature: Vileda Easy Wring✓ Power extractor for easy wringing out✓ Can be used on any floor covering✓ Powerful cleaning microfibre mop head

Vileda cleaning system
Vileda Easy Wring & Clean mop with power spin for easy wringing without effort
The optimal humidity of the mop can be determined individually
Can be used on any floor covering, including parquet and laminate
Absorbent and easy-to-clean microfibre mop head
Effortless cleaning even in corners and on edges
Handle: stainless steel, plastic
Wiper plate: plastic
Mop cover: 100% microfiber polyester
Handle: approx. 55-130 cm
Bucket: approx. W 45 x H 29.5 x D 29 cm
Wiper: approx. 16 x 16 cm
Bucket: approx. 1,480 g
Handle: approx. 286 g
Wiper plate and cover: approx. 211 g

vileda replacement covers for steam mop, 2 piecesFor optimal cleaning in every corner.Washable: up to 60 ° C.Material: 100% microfibre✓ Suitable for all smooth surfaces✓ Suitable for steam steam cleaners

Vileda 2 replacement covers for steam mop
Breathable microfibre covers for optimal cleaning in every corner
High cleaning performance thanks to 100% microfibre
Washable at up to 60 ° C
Suitable for all smooth surfaces
Suitable for steam steam cleaners

91% polyester, 9% polypropylene


approx. W 27.5 x D 17 x H 2.5 cm


approx. 92.7 g

vileda steam mop / Steam, incl. 4 microfibre replacement coversParticularly easy to use steam cleaner Tankvolume: 0.4 lIncluding: 4 microfibre replacement covers

✓ Ready to use in just 15 seconds
✓ Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
✓ Individually adjustable steam output

Steam steam cleaner incl. 4 microfibre replacement covers
Particularly easy to use steam cleaner – for thorough and hygienic cleaning without chemicals!
Ready to use in just 15 seconds
Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
Individually adjustable steam output
Incl. 4 high-quality microfiber covers for streak-free cleanliness
Including carpet gliders for the hygienic refreshment of carpets and upholstery
GS-tested with a 2-year guarantee
Including filling cup
approx. 6 m cable
Power: 550 W

Mop cover: 91% polyester, 9% polypropylene
Device: plastic, steel, electrical components

approx. H 128.5 x W 32 x D 22.8 cm


approx. 2.8 kg

Vileda window cleaner “Windomatic”, with washer, 2 replacement covers, microfiber cloth
Running time: approx. 40 minutes.
Cloth size: approx. 20 x 17 cm

Vileda window cleaner »Windomatic«
Window vacuum with high quality rubber lip and 27 cm suction nozzle
Reliably sucks dirt and water from all smooth surfaces
Strong suction even on corners and edges thanks to the flexible head
No drops on the floor or on the window frame
Light device with intuitive operation
Also ideally suited for smooth surfaces such as mirrors, tiles, glass surfaces or shower cubicles
Particularly compact with an ergonomically shaped handle
Powerful lithium-ion battery with a running time of approx. 40 minutes.
With spray washer for quick and easy washing of the windows:
Spray function for applying the cleaning fluid to the window surface
High-quality 3-phase microfibre cover removes even dried-on dirt
Replacement cover:
Replacement fiber pad for the spray washer
Microfibre for streak-free and efficient cleaning
Washable at up to 60 ° C
Microfibre cloth:
Flexible microfibre cloth with foam core in a practical square format
High absorbency and dirt absorption
Handy format for everyday use
scope of delivery
1x window vacuum
1x washer
2x replacement covers
1x microfiber cloth
Windomatic window vacuum: approx. 33.5 x 27.5 x 16 cm
Spray washer: approx. 27 x 29 x 4.5 cm
Replacement cover: approx. 30.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 cm
Microfiber cloth: approx. 17 x 20 x 0.5 cm
Window vacuum (incl. Battery): approx. 650 g
Spray washer: approx. 100 g
Replacement cover: approx. 21 g
Microfiber cloth: approx. 18 g