CRELANDO tailoring consumables Available as: different versions Feature: for tailoring

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CRELANDO tailoring consumables

laundry buttons:
Can be boiled and tumble dried
Made of transparent plastic
60 pieces
4 hole shirt buttons:
40 buttons in white
40 mother-of-pearl buttons
80 pieces
Transparent sewing thread:
Elastic yarn with high tear resistance
Ideal for fine seams and for sewing elastic materials
In 2 colors (2 x light, 1 x dark)
3 x 200m
Zipper set:
Spiral zips with metal zips
Ideal for pillows, bags or clothing
5 pieces
Velcro set self-adhesive:
For textiles of all kinds
Can be cut to size
1.5 m self-adhesive Velcro tape with a width of 2 cm
Tailor’s chalk set:
In 4 colors: white, blue, yellow and red
4 pieces
Easily washable
Bias tape folded
For easy edging of fabrics
3 m bias tape with a width of 2 cm
Universal sewing thread:
Colourfast, tear-resistant and hard-wearing
Yarn count: Ne 40/2
Hem clips:
For shortening or lengthening hems on clothing, curtains and much more
3 pieces
Prevents fabric from slipping
Made of stainless steel with practical cm scale
For textiles of all kinds
Length: approx. 10 cm each
jeans buttons:
Made of metal
8 pieces
Ø approx. 15 mm
Blindstitch Ironing Hem Tape:
For easy ironing of seamless hems on blouses, dresses or skirts
Dimensions: 2m x 2.5cm / 2m x 3cm
2 pieces
Machine washable up to 60°C
Sewing machine thread XL:
Quality thread – suitable for high sewing speed
Also suitable for overlock machines
Yarn count: Ne 40/2


Laundry buttons: plastic
Shirt buttons: plastic
Clear Sewing Thread: 100% Polyamide
Zipper Set: Plastic
Velcro Set: Plastic, 100% Polyester
Tailor’s chalk set: 100% cotton
Bias binding: 100% cotton
Sew-all: 100% polyester
Hem clips: steel
Jeans buttons: metal
Blindstitch Tape: 100% Polyester
Sewing Machine Thread: 100% Polyester