Parkside Paint Sprayer PFS 400 A1

IAN: 307721


Non-slip soft grip equipment
Uniform application of paint on smooth and structured surfaces
Suitable for standard paints, varnishes and glazes with a viscosity of up to 70 DIN-sec
Adjustable spray gun with integrated 400 watt blower
2 insertable nozzles (Ø 1.8 mm / Ø 2.6 mm)
3 spray patterns that can be set independently of the nozzle: round jet, horizontal and vertical flat jet
Unscrewable 900 ml paint container
Max. Water flow: 800 ml / min
Container volume: 900 ml
Technical specifications
Nominal consumption: 400 W.
Max. Water flow: 800 ml / min
Container volume: 900 ml
scope of delivery
2x nozzles (Ø 1.8 mm and 2.6 mm)
1x viscosity measuring cup
1x cleaning brush
1x cleaning needle
1x filter
Plastic housing motor and handle: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30)
Housing spray head: polypropylene, glass fiber (PP – GF30)
Tank: hard polyethylene (HDPE)
Paint spray system: W 284 x D 296 x H 134 mm
Cleaning brush: W 190 x L 74 mm
Cleaning needle: L 100.5 x Ø 21.2 x Ø 0.8 mm
1.8 mm nozzle: W 39.8 x L 24.5 mm
2.6 mm nozzle: W 39.8 x L 24.5 mm
Viscosity measuring cup: H 127 x Ø 53 x Ø 9 mm
Paint spray system: approx. 1320 g
Cleaning brush: approx.4.2 g
Cleaning needle: approx. 0.7 g
1.8 mm nozzle: approx.7.6 g
2.6 mm nozzle: approx.7.6 g
Viscosity measuring cup: approx. 14.5 g