ERNESTO cast aluminum multifunction set, 24 x 24cm, 5 pieces
Equipment: 5 parts
Features: made of high-quality cast aluminum
Dimensions: approx. L 24 x W 24 x H 10.5 cm


Grill pan with grooved structure ensures a nice grill pattern on the grilled food
Pot with grill pan can be used as a lid for stewing
Replaces 4 individual devices – for more space in the kitchen
Made of high quality cast aluminium
Energy-efficient thanks to even and rapid heat distribution
Base thickness: approx. 4.8 mm
ILAG® Ultimate HL: Coating of the new generation with an innovative multi-layer system – for improved, excellent and long-lasting non-stick properties.
Very hard wearing and long lasting
Scratch and highly abrasion resistant
Heat-resistant glass lid with steam outlet for practical visual cooking and controlled escape of steam
Pot and pan insert each with two side handles for safe and comfortable handling
Frying basket with foldable handle for safe handling
Suitable for all types of stoves – including induction
Pots and pans are ovenproof up to 250 °C, lid up to 160 °C
Usable volume: pot approx. 4.5 l, frying basket approx. 1.9 l
Dishwasher safe


Pot and grill pan: cast aluminium
Lid: glass
Steamer insert and frying basket: stainless steel


Pot dimensions: approx. L 24 x W 24 x H 10.5 cm
Grill pan dimensions: approx. L 23.2 x W 23.2 x H 5 cm


approx. 2.971 kg

scope of delivery

Pot, grill pan, frying basket, steamer insert, lid