PlayTive Junior Toy Fire Engine / Toy Ambulance / Toy Police Car / Toy Fire Brigade Helicopter / Fire Locomotive


IAN: 322010

Compatible with other vehicle sets by Playtive Junior

Scope of delivery
1 x Toy Fire Brigade Helicopter
(Two batteries included (1.5V LR44))
1 x Removable water cannon
1 x Figure
1 x Fire
1 x Instructions for use
Technical data
Battery energy supply:
1.5V LR44

PlayTive Junior Railway Set

IAN: 322001

Railway Set
Helps children develop creativity, imagination and fine motor skills
3 detailed areas: crossing, bridge sections and station
Self-driving, battery-operated locomotive with forward and reverse, driver’s cab and carriage
Incl. freight train, taxi and 4 figures
All vehicles with magnetic couplings
A range of accessories means that there are lots of creative building options
Tracks made from European beechwood
Max. track length: approx. 4.35m
Compatible with other vehicle sets by Playtive Junior
Compatible with standard wooden rail and road sets

PlayTive Programmable Robot

IAN: 323365

Programmable Robot
Promotes creativity and technical understanding
Features a programmable LED face and different sounds representing emotions
Assemble in logical steps
Caterpillar tracks allow movement in any direction
Arms can be raised, lowered, brought in and out
With free app to download for Android 4.3 or iOS 8.0
App with lots of extra functions such as: manual control, control saving input, learning game, movement control, as well as sounds and tunes to play

PlayTive Junior Play Kitchen

IAN: 321245

Play Kitchen
Great fun for little chefs
Encourages imagination and creativity through play
Sturdy solid wood construction, with 3 heights (97/101/103cm)
2 battery-operated hobs with LED lights and sound effects
Rotatable temperature controller with clicking noise
Cooker hood, microwave with light and sound
Refrigerator with ice maker including 3 ice cubes and plastic glass
Oven with light and baking tray
Sink with swivel tap
6 hooks, 2 side storage shelves

Intended Use
The product playfully promotes imagination and
creativity and is only intended for private household use.
This product is not intended for commercial use.
Scope of delivery
22 Individual parts ( 1 – 20, 39)
1 Pot with lid 21
1 Frying pan 22
1 Meat fork 23
1 Spatula 24
1 Whisk 25
1 Oven glove 26
1 Tea towel 27
1 Apron 28
3 Handles 29
4 Feet 30
1 Tap 31
1 Sink 32
1 Hob with battery compartment 33
1 Microwave plastic panel with battery compartment
1 Oven light 35
3 Hangers 36
1 Cooker Hood 37
3 Ice cubes 38
1 Ice machine 40
1 Oven Tray 41
1 Cup 42
4 AAA Batteries 43
2 AA Batteries 44
23 Screws ø 3.2 x 35mm A
6 Screws ø 3.8 x 12mm B
1 Screw ø 5 x 28mm C
15 Screws ø 3.2 x 20mm D
6 Screws ø 4 x 20mm E
3 Screws ø 2.5 x 9mm F
1 Washer ø 14mm G
1 Screw ø 4 x 40mm H
1 Dowel ø 8 x 35mm I
2 Washers ø 12mm J
2 Screws ø 4 x 12mm K
1 Wall hanger 60 x 27 x 16mm L
6 Plastic joints 31.7 x 16.8 x 23mm M
6 Screws ø 3.2 x 25mm N
1 Set of assembly instructions and instructions for use
Technical data
Dimension: approx. 77 x 97 x 30cm (L x H x W)
Power supply: 1.5V AA/ LR6 x 2
1.5V AAA/ LR03 x 4