PMR Twintalker 2-Way Radio Set SPMR 8000 A1


User manual 1

Brand Name



  • 4250133707307



Product description

  • With a wide range of up to 8km
  • Close-range communication completely free – ideal for outdoor activities
  • 8 channels for increasing your privacy – each with 38 analogue CTCSS codes and each with 83 digital CDCSS codes
  • Speech-activated transmission with VOX function with 3-step speech sensitivity setting
  • Automatic noise reduction, two-channel search and scan function for automatically scanning for active channels
  • Robust, drip-proof housing per IPX2
  • LCD display with backlight and battery status indicator
  • With permanent aerial and removable belt clip
  • Headphone attachment, loudspeaker adjustment, key tones, keypad lock, stopwatch function and 15 selectable ringtones
  • Contents: 2 walkie-talkies, 1 charger with external power supply, includes batteries, 2 headsets, 2 removable belt clips
  • Includes instructions for use
  • VOX function:
  • Speech-activated VOX mode transmission
  • This is different to the PTT mode (Push-to-Talk) – no need to press the transmit button.
  • As soon as the preset speech volume is exceeded, the handset switches to transmit mode.
  • CTCSS/CDCSS function:
  • This selective call system minimises simultaneous disturbance between several joint users of the same channel.
  • The radio transmits analogue (CTCSS) or digital (CDCSS) silent codes to select only specific radios (with the same code) within a channel.