Parkside Circular Saw PHKS 1350 C2

IAN: 285129

Variable rotation speed control – optimal adjustable rotation speed for various materials, such as solid wood, chipboard, plastic and lightweight building materials
Electronic soft start
Automatic power supply – intelligent power control
Adjustable cutting depth and cutting angle
Switchable laser guide
Ergonomic soft grip with safety switch operable on both sides
Pendulum blade guard with pull-back lever
Connection for external dust extraction
Easy sawblade exchange with spindle restraint SPINDLE LOCK
Rated power: 1350W
No-load rotation speed: n₀ 2200-4700 rpm
Cutting angle: 0-45°
Cutting depth at 0°: max. 65mm
Cutting depth at 45°: max. 44mm
Included accessories: 2 sawblades Ø 190mm x Ø 20mm with 24 resp. 48 teeth (one mounted), 1 parallel guide, 1 hex key (in integrated holder), 1 adaptor for external dust extraction, 2 batteries (for laser)

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