Powerfix Profi + Multi-Function Detector Z31174

IAN: 73382

Versatile tool for house construction, conversions, renovation work, etc.
5-in-1 function:
Ultrasound distance measurement (approx. 0.6 – 16.0m) with area and volume calculator
Wooden foundation detection up to a depth of approx. 38mm
Electric cable detection up to a depth of approx. 35mm
Metal detection up to a depth of approx. 24mm
Built-in marking laser up to 10-metre range including spirit level for aligning tiles, suspended cupboards, etc.
Measuring unit switch (m/ft)
Large, clear LCD display with light
Memory saves the last measurements
Includes 1 x 9V battery + instructions
5 in 1
Laser safety classification: 2
Marking laser

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