SilverCrest PMR Walkie-Talkie Set SFG 8000 B2

IAN: 313957

PMR Walkie-Talkie Set
With a long range of up to 8km
Automatic noise reduction, two-channel search and scan function for automatically scanning for active channels
Acoustic room monitoring function
Robust, drip-proof exterior (IPX2)
LCD display with backlight and battery status indicator
With permanent aerial and removable belt clip
Headphone jack (suitable for many PMR headsets with PTT button, microphone and 2.5mm jack)
Volume control, touch tones, key lock, stopwatch function and 15 ringtones
Devices can be charged via USB
Contents: 2 walkie-talkies, 1 twin charging station with micro-USB jack, power supply with cable and micro-USB plug, 6x rechargeable NiMH batteries (AAA) and 2 detachable belt clips
Cordless run time: up to 11 hours (5% transmit time, 5% receive time, 90% standby time)
Instruction manual included
Exception for Italy – Please note the information below when using this product in Italy: This device must not be used without a general permit as per Article 99(3) of the Electronic Communication Code (Codice delle comunicazioni elettroniche) unless it is a product as defined by Article 105 of this law.

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