Parkside Hammer Drill PBH 1050 B2


IAN: 295939

Hammer Drill PBH 1050 B2
For powerful drilling and chiselling in concrete, stone, metal or wood
Pneumatic hammer mill with high impact strength
Trigger switch with wheel for limiting rotation speed
Quick-release chuck with SDS-Plus System tool holder
Attachable quick-release chuck for shank drills
With non-slip soft-grip features
Additional handle rotates through 360°
Power supply indicator light

Package contents
1 hammer drill PBH 1050 B2
1 additional handle
1 quick-release chuck with SDS plus system tool
fitting (see fig. A)
3 SDS drills (6/8/10 x 150 mm) (see fig. B)
1 flat chisel (14 x 250 mm) (see fig. B)
1 pointed chisel (14 x 250 mm) (see fig. B)
1 depth stop
50 g special grease for lubricating the drill chuck
1 carrying case
1 set of operating instructions
Technical data
Rated power
consumption: 1050 W
Rated voltage: 230 V ∼ 50 Hz
Rated idling speed: n0
0–980 rpm
Stroke rate: 0–5300 rpm
Impact energy: 3 J
Max. drill diameter: 13 mm for steel
32 mm for wood
26 mm for concrete
Protection class: II / (double insulation)
Noise emission value:
Noise measurement value determined in accordance
with EN 60745. The A-rated noise level
of the power tool is typically as follows:
Hammer drilling:
Sound pressure level: LpA = 83.66 dB(A)
Uncertainty K: 3 dB
Sound power level: LWA = 94.66 dB(A)
Uncertainty K: 3 dB
Sound pressure level: LpA = 90.62 dB(A)
Uncertainty K: 3 dB
Sound power level: LWA = 101.62 dB(A)
Uncertainty K: 3 dB

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