Sensiplast Heat Patch / Heat Wrap


IAN: 324657

Can alleviate muscle and joint pain
Self-heating for deep, lasting heat

Scope of delivery
8 x heat wrap
1 x instructions for use
Intended use
Can be used to relieve pain in muscles and joints
•Open the sachet by hand (do not use scissors/knife) and remove the heat wrap.
•Carefully remove the protective film.
•Apply the plaster over the painful area with the sticky side to
the skin.
•Apply the wrap with the sticky side to the skin over the painful
•After use, gradually remove the heat wrap and dispose of it.
•The heat wrap is activated by air.
•Therefore do not open the sachet until just before using it.
•The heat wrap will be activated within one minute and will
warm up within 5 minutes after the sachet has been
•For external use only.
•Every heat wrap is designed for a single application.
•It is normal to observe a slight redness of the skin after use. If
the skin is still reddened after a few hours, the application
should be stopped until the redness has completely disappeared.

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