PARKSIDE brass connector system, 4-part / brass 2-way distributor, corrosion-resistant

Made of solid brass – durable and corrosion-resistant
Max. 5 bar
Brass connector system:
High quality set with precise quick connections for 13 mm hose systems (½ “)
With vario garden sprayer, 13 mm standard coupling (½ “), 13 mm water stop coupling (½”) and tap connection for 26.5 mm thread (G ¾ “)
4 parts
Brass 2-way distributor:
High quality tap connection for operating two connection devices
Suitable for tap connections with 26.5 mm thread (G ¾ “) and for standard hose connection systems
Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
Brass connector system:
Tap connection: approx H 3.5 cm x D 2.9 cm
Hose section: approx.4.5 cm x D 2.9 cm
Hose section with water stop: approx. H 4.7 cm x D 2.9 cm
Garden sprayer: approx.9.6 cm x D 2.59 cm
Brass 2-way distributor: approx.B 8 x L 11.5 x H 4.8 cm
Brass connector system: approx. 330 g
Brass 2-way distributor: approx. Approx. 271 g

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