Parkside Universal Tool Stand PUG 1600 A1

IAN: 315334

Universal Tool Stand PUG 1600 A1
Mobile workbench with adjustable tool holder
Suitable for many tools such as mitre/band saws, planers, belt/disc sanders or bench drills
Quick release mechanism – allows for simple positioning and easy disassembly
Extendable and height-adjustable supports with rollers and stop function
Robust steel frame with tool-free fold-out legs which can be locked into place

Device description (fig. 1-2)
A. Universal tool stand
B. Support arm
C. Crossbar
D. Adjustable workpiece support
E. Screw
F. Screw
G. Washer
H. Spring washer
I. Nut
J. Star-grip screw (small)
K. Star-grip screw (large)

  1. Scope of delivery (fig. 2)
    1x Universal tool stand (A)
    2x Support arm (B)
    2x Crossbar (C)
    2x Adjustable workpiece support (D)
    4x Screw M6x16 (E)
    4x Screw M6x60 (F)
    8x Washer 6mm (G)
    8x Spring washer 6mm (H)
    8x Nut M6 (I)
    4x Star-grip screw (small) (J)
    2x Star-grip screw (large) (K)

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