Ernesto cutlery, highly polished, made of stainless steel, dishwasher-safe

ERNESTO® Besteck, hochglanzpoliert, aus Edelstahl, spülmaschinengeeignet 1

Highly polished
Made of high quality, rustproof stainless steel
Dishwasher safe
Long drink spoon set: With extra long handle for tall glasses
Cake server set: Consisting of cake knife and cake server
scope of delivery
Espresso spoon set: 6 pieces
Coffee spoon set: 6 pieces
Butter knife set: 4 pieces
Long drink spoon set: 6 pieces
Salad servers: 2 pieces
Cake server set: 2 pieces
Steak knife set: 2 pieces
Cake fork set: 6 pieces
Espresso spoon set: approx. L 11.5 x W 2.5 cm each
Coffee spoon set: approx. L 13.5 x W 3.05 cm each
Butter knife set: approx. L 14 x W 1.75 cm each
Long drink spoon set: approx. L 20 x W 2.75 cm each
Salad servers: approx. L 23.2 x W 5 cm each
Cake server set:
Cake knife: approx.L 28.6 x W 4.8 cm
Cake server: approx. L 22.2 x W 4.7 cm
Steak knife set: approx. L 23 x W 1.9 cm each
Cake fork set: approx. L 14.7 x W 2.05 cm each
Espresso spoon set: approx. 13 g / each
Coffee spoon set: each approx. 19 g / pc.
Butter knife set: approx. 59 g / pc.
Long drink spoon set: approx. 27 g / each
Salad servers:
Fork: approx. 64 g
Spoons: approx. 71 g
Cake server set: approx. 120 g / pc.
Cake knife: approx. 124 g
Cake server: approx. 86 g
Steak knife set: approx. 98 g each.
Cake fork set: each approx. 19 g / pc.

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