Parkside 4 V cordless screwdriver gold PAS 4 B4

PARKSIDE® 4 V cordless screwdriver gold PAS 4 B4 1

Handy cordless screwdriver for screwing in wood, plastic and metal

Magnetic bit holder with hexagon holder
Automatic spindle lock for manual screwing
2 integrated LED work lights to illuminate dark work areas
LED indicators for right / left rotation and low battery charge
Includes USB Type-C charger
Non-slip soft grip equipment
Storage box in “Black & Gold” edition design

Included accessories: 26 bits (25 mm), 2 bits (50 mm), 1 bit extension
Parkside 4 volt cordless screwdriver limited edition black & gold
Technical details
Battery: 4-volt lithium-ion (approx.1,500 mAh)
Maximum torque: 5 Nm
Rated idling speed: n₀ approx. 200 min⁻¹
Plastic housing: polyamide 6 (PA6 + GF30)
Soft grip: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Bits: steel
Storage box: metal
Cordless screwdriver (with battery): approx.W 4.4 x H 11.3 x D 13.8 cm
Power supply: approx. W 5.66 x H 3.67 x D 6.15 cm
Metal box: approx. W 18.5 x H 5.5 x D 18.5 cm
Cordless screwdriver (with battery): approx. 375 g
Power supply: approx. 65 g
Bits: approx. 188 g

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